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Botox & Permanent Brows (Microblading, ombré, powder brows & nanobrows)

Botox and permanent brow makeup such as Microblading, ombré and hybrid brows have become some of the biggest cosmetic procedures done in out society today.

So when should you do which and how far is space them apart?

Botox and other neuromodulators can change the position of your eyebrows so many times people will want to come in and get their Botox before they get their permanent brow make up. However, patient’s who get Botox first will then become dependent on Botox to fix their brow position. This is because we will improve the asymmetry with Botox and then your brow artist will think they are symmetrical and when your Botox wears off they will again be asymmetrical and you will be needing to come in every three months in order to have symmetric brows.

It is for that reason that we advise our patients to not have Botox before they get their permanent brow make up so that the artist can correct the browse as much as possible through permanent make up and then if there is a little bit of an asymmetry we can use a little bit of neuromodulator like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau to improve that slight asymmetry. This way, when their Botox wears off there is not a serious asymmetry that they would need to correct. Therefore, it will not be some thing that they need to maintain as much as if we change the position of their brows prior to them having permanent brow make up.

Written By: Melissa Maria McFarlane FNP-BC in collaboration with Jeanette Ivey, Owner of Ivey Artistry

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