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Collagen production! There's levels to this!

Starting at 20 we produce 1% less collagen per year.

By age 40, production levels are greatly reduced. For this reason it is important to start increasing collagen production in your 20s and 30s then waiting until you are in your 50s. Taking collagen orally does not work for many reasons (a post on that coming soon)


When an injury occurs the your body responds by healing the tissue with collagen.

Microneedling causes micro trauma results in about a 10% increase in collagen 6 months after your last treatment. By itself, microneedling is capable of stimulating a higher production of collagen over time. However, when combined with PRP or radiofrequency, the effectiveness of these treatments is substantially higher due to how much more deeply the thermal energy of radiofrequency can reach the sub-dermal layers of skin.


So How Do I Boost My Collagen?

Subscision can detach lower layers of the skin from the higher layers. This is extremely helpful for patients with acne scarring and other types of scaring because it can detach where the acne scar has anchored, something microneedling is incapable of. This is why our acne protocol is done with Morpheus and followed up with subscision and Hyperdilute Radiesse for even more collagen stimulation.

Radiesse studies have shown that this new collagen growth occurs as early as four weeks post-injection and continues for at least 12 months. Radiesse produces a 30% increase in collagen production. What is different with Radiesse is it increases fibroblastic activity vs fibrotic activity.

Sculptra was initially used in 1999 in Europe. In 2004 it received FDA approval for use in Patients with severe fat loss (lipoatrophy) from HIV. 3 months after your first session you can expect a 66.5% increase in type 1 collagen production.

If you have further questions about how we can help you boost or maintain your collagen and youth feel free to book a consultation with us through the link below.

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