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Tear Trough Filler Raleigh

Tear trough

One of the trickiest areas in aesthetics to treat

Tear Trough Filler

Signature tear trough

Welcome to our tear trough clinic. Very few patients are ideal for tear trough filler. Many times providers see that as the only solution and it usually ends up worsening the condition. Tear troughs can be tricky because everyones tear trough is caused by a different combination of symptoms.

Tear trough causes

Causes of tear trough deformity

Skin Discoloration

Many people have darker skin under their eye. When paired with a volume deficit and vascular show it will worsen how the appearance of the tear-trough. For skin discoloratioin you may see some benefit from certain medical grade skin lightening treatments. However, the biggest improvement will be seen from thickening the tissue

Fat Pad Herniation

The Gold Standard for mending this issue would be surgical correction with lower blepharoplasty. However, for those not wanting surgery we can coagulate a portion of the fat to decrease the visibility of under eye "bags


Vascular Show

We have a lot of small vessels under our eye and that can give off a blue or purple tint, making skin discoloration or a volume deficit look worse. Unfortunately, we can not get rid of these vessels because they supply your tissue with blood and so the solution is to thicken the actual tissue with collagen producing therapies to hide the visibility of the vessels.


Lack of Collagen and Thickness of Skin

This is present in almost every case. When your tissue is thick enough it can mask a volume defecit and hide vasculature. It will also make you a better candidate for tear trough filler. Unfortuanately, this is not helped with surgery and even after surgery you will need collagen stimulation treatments.

Old Filler

Filler is made of Hyaluronic Acid which can pull in water. This can cause lymphatic conjestion, tyndalling (a blueish discoloration), and worsening of the tear trough, with time. For this reason we will only place filler in patients who are the right candidate. We are also very conservative with the amount and type of filler used. We have also developed a signature technique to prevent all of the problems discusssed above.

Volume Defecit

When there is a volume defecit, the solution is to add volume with either filler or fat grafting (surgical). Most people are not candidates for filler initially and therefore they would need to do other treatments to become candidates or elect to have surgery.

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Tear trough before and after

Ready for your customized tear trough plan

Tear troughs can be tricky and usually require a combination of treatments. It is definately a process as collagen stimulation of any kind usually takes 8-12 weeks after the treatment to see the results. We have a dedicated nures who specializes in the management of tear trough deformities. To get your customized plan schedule a consult with our Tear Trough specialist, Gianna Malena, RN.

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