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Hyaluronic Acid Filler
lip filler medspa raleigh

The facial fillers used at BLOSSÜM are made from hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid Filler can be used to eliminate wrinkles, plump, and hydrate lips, replace soft-tissue volume loss, raise scar depressions, and volumize creases and folds of the face. We are different in that we are not going to talk you into many syringes our goal is always your long term outcome.  

Our Signature Lip Filler Technique

Lip Filler

Lip filler before and after with Juvederm

I would absolutely recommend Blossüm Aesthetics to anyone looking for absolute perfection in the shape, height, and plumpness of their lips! My lips exceed the expectations I had!

Whether you want subtle volume or significantly fuller lips, we are here to meet your lip goals. Patients fly from all over the US for our unique lip augmentation technique and philosophy. We also specialize in lip filler rehab. To ensure that you receive your best lip filler result we may need to dissolve your previous lip filler prior to your lip enhancements with Blossum Aesthetics Co.

We do not strive to offer the cheapest lip filler we strive to offer the best result, as our staff has the most extensive training in NC

what does lip filler cost in raleigh nc
Safety of Lip Filler

lips filleD

Down time with lip filler

24 hours

& Soreness

Helped with Tylenol

results from lip filler


Russian Lip Filler

Many people ask if we use the Russian lip technique. Melissa has been trained in the technique. However, it has been proven that with that technique comes a high incidence of migration. 

What we do instead

Melissa has created her own technique, taking the best from the Russian lip filler technique, the Julie Horne lip technique and her own critical thinking. Melissa has trained all of her injectors with this unique technique.

Avoiding Migration

Migration happens when too much filler is placed too quickly. and expanding tissue beyond its capacity. We have developed a way to get more height using less product. 

How we do it

Slow and steady always wins the race and for that reason we have been able to give patients the big lips their dreams while keeping them natural.

Lip Boost

what does lip filler cost in raleigh nc

For current patients who are 3-9 months out from their full lip filler session at your providers discretion.

Pink Smoke

Gianna L, [Google]

I am a nurse with a personal interest in medical aesthetics. I’ve had multiple rounds of Botox to my face as well as lip filler in my life. I’ve taken the time to educate myself on safe technique, hygiene, training, and am well aware of what makes for caring and kind bedside manner. Because of this, I continue to trust Melissa with my lips and face. While no injector can completely eliminate risk, I feel so safe at Blossum Aesthetics. At each appointment I am adequately numbed, assessed, and a treatment plan is discussed before beginning to find common ground between my goals and what’s possible before each treatment. There is complete price transparency and I always know what I’m going to be paying. There are so many injectors who will inject you over and over again despite the fact your filler is spilling beyond your lip border and no longer complimenting your features. There are injectors who will see many many patients a day and your face and safety is at the mercy of their assembly line-like practices. This is unethical and dangerous.None of that is a concern at Blossum. I feel safe, never rushed, and never judged. I know I’m in an office with safety protocols in place to protect me from complications. Melissa has been slowly building my lips up over time to my dream shape and volume and my boarders are crispy and sharp, no filler mustache or over filled puffy lips. I got married recently and my whole glam squad wanted to know how I had such beautiful height without projection. My results are lasting and my treatments are always comfortable. Melissa always prioritizes the integrity of her work and is honest with me which is why I will continue to see her in the future for maintenance and ongoing treatments and why I continue to refer my friends to her.

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