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How long does lip filler last?

How long does lip filler last? This is a tricky question as the longevity of your lip filler is dependent on many factors. Your lip filler depends on quite a few things, from the amount of filler used, to the type of filler, the technique and placement, your metabolism and your lifestyle habits. So let’s take a look at each of these.

Amount of Lip Filler

When it comes to lip filler, dose equals duration. That means that the more lip filler you have in your lips the longer your lip filler should last. For those patients looking to build up their lip each time we will place as much lip filler as we can into the tissue to help stretch out the lip tissue and a optimal way without causing migration or destruction of the lip anatomy. Many times the results we achieve are done with much less product than our competitors. Most of our before and after‘s on our Instagram are done with 0.7 to 0.8 ML‘s. Sometimes we can fit an entire ML into the lips but I wouldn’t say that most people are able to. That being said it is important for you not to get too caught up in the amount because as mentioned previously we have been able to achieve much better results with less product.

Dermal Filler Types

Different types of fillers have different longevity profiles. However, what I have personally found is that different products last differently and different people. So while sometimes we will choose a product to accomplish a specific result and expect that product not to last in that specific individual it will last a very long time so it is important not to pick a product based on how long we believe it will last.

Lip Filler Tachnique

Placement of filler is my favorite topic because while lip filler should truly last you about six months in the mouth area because it’s such a movable area the way that we place our products and the plane that we place them in usually results in more longevity overall.

Metabolism and Lifestyle

Everyone’s metabolism is different there are times that a patient will come in six months later and we are almost back at their starting point and there are times that we will see a patient two years later and they have retained a significant amount of their filler their shape and their volume. If you live a very active lifestyle this can play a part if your metabolism is much higher than others or people who are more talkative tend to work through their filler a lot quicker.

So what can we gather from all of this information?

While all of these factors play a role in the way your lip filler lasts. We shouldn't pick a dermal filler based soley on longevity because it can be unpredictable. I have had patients come back in 6 months after their initial lip filler appointment and its almost as if we are starting over and I have had patients come in 2 years after their initial seession and have the majority of their lip filler intact. For this reason, it is far more important to pick a product that will deliver the results that you want. At your second appointment we can determine how well the filler is lasting and at that time we can maybe introduce a product that may have more longevity. Getting lip filler is a process and everyones' journey is not the same.

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