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How much does Botox cost in Raleigh?

First lets look at what botox costs to providers. Botox costs about $6.5/unit. Lets say with cost of needles, gauze and antiseptics it adds another $1/unit. So the cost of the treatment is about $7.50/unit. Now here is where the most important part of the equation comes in. Paying the provider. Because you want an experienced provider, to have the best outcomes, that is reflected in what they are getting paid. Obviously the more experienced provider requires higher pay. Providers must have an RN degree or higher to inject. The average RN makes $70,000/yr and the average nurse practitioner makes $90,000 annually. This does not take into account the cost of having front desk to check you in and out or a medical assistant. So lets say this adds another $1/unit. We are now at $8.50/unit in cost. Now obviously as a business the goal is to make some sort of profit.

So how do people charge less then $11/unit?

In order to charge $11/unit and make a profit you have to cut down on costs. That means using cheaper toxins, diluting toxins and/or hiring cheaper providers. Cheaper toxins usually come with decreased results and longevity. Hiring cheaper providers usually means less experienced providers, which usually results in a higher incidence of adverse events.

What is fair to charge for Botox?

$12-14/units is fair. We are priced at $13/units because of our expertise and the amount of education we provide. Our appointments are double the time because we truly value the art of assessment. For that reason we avoid adverse events and set goals for your long term treatment plan.

So what's the average cost of Botox in Raleigh area?

The average cost of Botox/Dysport depends on the area being treated and the amount of units you need. On average between your brows (yours scowl line or your 11 lines) your average cost is $225. Botox in the forehead typically costs the same, somewhere around $225. These two areas are the most popular areas to treat and when done together you can expect to spend about $550. This cost can be lower if you don't require as many units. On our website we do have a quiz you can ttake to estimate the number of units that you will need then you can multiply that number by $13 to get a more customized estimate.

Bottom line.

Anything under $11/unit is SKETCH. Anything over $14 is price gauging. Anything in between is reasonable. Remember you are paying for expertise.

To find out ho many units you may need take our quiz below.

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