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Melissa's Transformation

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

"I figured I would do this for you guys in honor of my recent Dirty 30 🤪! I get asked all the time what I have personally had done. So here it is."

Botox/ Dysport (Every 3-5 months)

Forehead: 17.5 units

Glabella: 17 units

Brow lift: 11 units

Crows: 12 units

Lip Flip: 6 units

Chin: 5 units

Total 68 units every 4 months since 2019

Temple Filler: half of a syringe on each side every year for the past two years

Cheek filler: 1 syringe on each side every year for the past two years

Chin filler: 1 syringe this year

Thread lift: This year

Brows by: @sheys_couture

Rhinoplasty 2019 by the only person I would ever let touch my nose @federicoespinosa.

And of course medical grade skincare.

All of this was the preserve what I already have. It was not because I didn’t love myself just the way I was. In fact I loved myself the way I was so much that I wanted to preserve It as much as I could.


I still have tear troughs and I still have nasolabial folds. I always preach that the shadows are just as important as the highlights in our face. When you attempt to remove every shadow that’s when you start to get the “pillow face”. It may look good in pictures. But to look good in pictures you have to look over done in person. I would rather look good in person and use a little bit of make up for pictures. But to each their own. If you look closely my top lip doesn’t hide as much when I smile, my temples are a little fuller, and my chin is slightly pointier. My nose doesn’t look much different from the front but from the profile I no longer have a small hump and my tip doesn’t droop as much.


Botox and fillers are meant to be used for prevention.

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