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Russian lip filler. Is the technique worth the hype?

The Russian lip filler technique uses a very thick filler to make multiple vertical punctures into the border of the lip in a superficial plane to give the lip height. many times the lip is stuffed with as much product as possible. Sounds amazing right?


I am all for more volume in the lips! However, Migration often happens from too much product, too quickly. You have to think of your lip journey almost like gauges. When someone is stretching their ears to accommodate larger gauges they slowly increase the size of the gauge, otherwise the ear would just tear. The same thing happens with within the tissue of the lips. If you stuff the lips with too much lip filler, too quickly, the border may tear and allow the lip filler to migrate behind the border, causing the dreaded, Duck lips. Unfortunately the Russian lip filler technique is notorious for looking great immediately after and causing migration after settling.

How do we Prevent Migration?

It is important to establish lip goals with your provider at your first appointment prior to your lip augmentation. It is important that your provider have a good idea of you end goal. Your provider should be open to you bringing inspo pictures. Obviously lips are all unique and there are times when your lips will be too different from your inspiration to achieve. However, at that point an honest provider should be able to tell you whether or not they can achieve your lip goals.

Is the Russian Lip Filler Technique Bad?

It's not all bad. Melissa has trained with the founders of the Russian lip filler technique. There are some portions of the technique that are able to achieve great height. Therefore, we use portions of the Russian Lip Filler Technique but use less filler, avoid as many punctures along the border and use lip filler products that are more appropriate for lip augmentation and enhancement. What is more important than a specific lip technique is the ability to critically think, as all lips are different. Slow and Steady wins the race. Big lips are beautiful and you can still accomplish your lip goals but big lips can also be accomplished without the projection and causing duck lips. Big doesn't have to mean unnatural.

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