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Wedding timeline for Botox and Filler.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

12 Months before the Wedding

Introduce skin care

If nothing else A good Vitamin C, Skin Better Science's Alto is our absolute favorite and has worked well for everyone of our patients who have tried it and a good sunscreen (SkinBetter Tone smart SPF 75 lotion is the best!) We always start with vitamin C and SPF. Then at later visits we introduce a retinol based on your needs and eventually introduce some type of antioxidants or growth factors. It is important to not introduce too many things to your skincare routine all at once,

You want to start skincare long before your wedding day to ensure that you are not reactive to any particular product and to give it time to work as it can take 6 months of consistent use to see noticeable changes. Many times when starting skincare there can also be a purging stage and you'll want to ensure that that clears long before your special day. You can buy skincare through our website . If you want help figuring out what you need you feel free to book a skincare consult with us online

11 Months before the wedding

Botox ($400-750)

It is best that your first time receiving Botox, Dysport or Xeomin is not 1 month before your wedding day. Ideally you would have received it twice and ensured that your are receiving the perfect dose for your big day. We usually dose you a little low the first time to see if you can get away with less and schedule you for a follow up two weeks later to assess and ensure that you don't need any more. If you do it is entirely complimentary, as the first time we dose your tox we are trying to learn your muscles. If you are interested in figuring out your dose feel free to book a consult with us or take our quiz

7 months before the wedding

Botox ($400-750)

At this treatment we will either keep your dose the same or adjust it depending to what you noticed with the first dosing.

Morpheus ($917-1000)

Morpheus is the gold standard for Radio frequency microneedling. It takes 3 treatments but its ability to tighten skin and aid with skin texture is unmatched. The downside? It takes 8 weeks after the last treatment to notice full results. Morpheus treatments are done one month apart so in order for you to notice the best results for your big day you want your last morpheus to be done 2 months prior to the date of your wedding.

6 months before the wedding

Morpheus ($917-1000)

At this appointment we will talk about how you tolerated your previous treatment and we may intensify your treatment slightly to give you the best results.

Sculptra ($2000)

Now that we have treated your tissue and tightened your skin we can sculpt the face by injecting Sculptra in certain areas to increase collagen production. Collagen production, as we've discussed with Morpheus, can take 8 weeks to see so ideally we would want to be finished with your second Sculptra session 2 months before your big day.

5 months before the wedding

Morpheus ($917-1000)

This is your last Morpheus treatment and you're probably just starting to notice the results from your very first Morpheus treatment. If you purchase the package you will be eligible for a morpheus treatment once a year for $600 to maintain your results.

Sculptra ($1600)

The nice thing about Sculptra is that after your second session you will be ale to maintain your results with 1 vial of Sculptra every 12 months for $800 and the best part..... Your results are just that, yours. It is all your own collagen!!

4 months before


3 months before the wedding (optional)

Cheek filler ($850)

Pyriform Filler ($850)

Chin Filler ($850)

Lip filler ($850)

1 Month before the wedding

Botox ($400-750)

By this time we have perfected your dose and we are not worried about any adverse events because we have treated you twice before with a similar dose. Your results will peak at two weeks and will be perfect for you wedding 4 weeks from your treatment!

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