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Xeomin! What we love about it.


The majority of Americans have heard of the word Botox at this point. We know the treatment is as common as getting a haircut in places like Hollywood or Miami. So how exactly does Botox work? We are going to break this down for you.

How Neurotoxins Work

Botox is a neurotoxin that works to relax facial muscles. Common expressions such as raising one's brow leads to deep wrinkles over time. Once the wrinkles are present at rest, it is extremely difficult to treat them. This is why we recommend starting Botox in your mid 20s-30s to prevent the pesky lines that drive you crazy.

The Approved Neurotoxins

There are several brands approved by the FDA in the U.S; Botox is only one of them! Here at Blossum, we love to switch our patients between more than one brand. While rare, using neurotoxins frequently can lead to resistance. Compare Botox to your daily cup of coffee. One cup might not have as strong of an effect after a while if you drink it daily. This could lead to you needing more coffee because you become accustomed to just one cup. Similarly, Botox may become less effective after several treatments.

Why Choose Xeomin

Xeomin is one of our favorite neurotoxins for several reasons. Firstly, Xeomin produces beautiful results. Additionally, it is the cleanest neurotoxin on the market! Xeomin is made through a manufacturing process called XTRACT Technology™. This technology utilizes a double step filtration process to isolate what you need and it gets rid of what you don’t. Many providers refer to Xeomin as smart-tox because of this process. For those starting Botox treatments early on, Xeomin is a great choice to decrease the chance of any type of resistance because it does not contain the protein complexes found in Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau. These protein complexes surrounding the botulinum toxin are sometimes recognized by our body as a foreign body and can with time cause resistance to botulinum toxin. making your treatments less effective over time and requiring you to increase your dose each time, also known as "dose creeping". This is the opposite of what we as providers want to accomplish. We encourage you to reach out to one of our providers for a consultation if you would like to find out how Tox can best benefit you.



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